Announcing…Personalized Fromes!

Get excited because we’re taking your gift-giving game to another level! Now you can customize your Fromes with any quote, wish, or phrase of your choice that’s up to 55 characters long (unbelievable, right?).

Everyone loves personalized gifts! The best gifts are those that have a person’s name or initials on them & you adding this unique touch would make them feel remembered and cared about, ultimately strengthening both of your relationships.

Just imagine how special they will feel after bringing them a present that displays the efforts you’ve put in. P.S.They’ll remember it forever.

And we’ve done all we could to bring this feature as soon as possible and we succeeded! But with one little drawback - customization is not yet available for Framed Fromes. Other than that, customized Basic & Buff’s versions are now live!

Thank you all for another great idea! We’d love to hear more about your concepts & fulfill them ❤️.

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