The latest Frome upgrade is ready, and we are taking things to the next level!

Meet the Framed Buff’s Bundle - your favorite movie painting placed into the top-quality floating frame.

Our goal was to create a three-dimensional depth of the overall painting. The result is an illusion of floating art inside the frame. 

We make each of them with great care, using 100% real pine wood and excluding any toxins. The process includes kiln-dried molding, making the frames last for decades.

This way, your Frome painting will be in perfect shape for you to pass it to the next generations. All frames will come in black matte finish, creating a modern, futuristic, and elegant look at the same time.

Floating frame constructs the complete look of the Buff’s Bundle, and they give them the magic touch of an amazing art piece.

Swipe through our long list of Fromes and discover the perfect one for your walls.

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